"Above all else, deep in my soul, I'm a tough Irishwoman." - Maureen O' Hara

Bean an Ti was launched in 2017 by an Irish born cailín and ex-pat of over 20 years who misses the gaeilge, 'de craic' and the green grass of home.  

A mother, a sister and a proud 'woman of the house', she also runs a few small London-based businesses, loves a good furniture upcycle and equally a good lifestyle hack. So, she set about building an online community of like-minded women with Irish roots from all over the world who share a love of traditional tips & tricks with a modern day twist. She didn't want to just be another 'shop'.

Her signature sweatshirt & brand name 'Bean an Tí also back translates as 'she who cares' - whether that's about your local community, the environment, a women's health concern or a human rights issue..... when we mná work together we rule the world. So, if you enjoy her #shewhocares ethos over on the gram, why not grab a 'girl-power' geansaí for yourself or a fierce Irish cailín you know .... & wear them with pride. 

Cool contemporary cotton t-shirts launching Summer 2019 .... sure, when it's warm enough to wear them! 


Bean an Tí Ní Cheallaigh x